PSA: Allow me to re-introduce myself

I’ve decided to write (again). I’ve made attempts to blog in the past, but it always died off due to time constraints and not really having too much to say. But I have more time now, and after tweeting, making dumb facebook posts, stupid reddit comments, and horrendous code, I realize it doesn’t matter that I have nothing of substance to say. So I’ve come to pollute yet another portion of the Internet.

There’s still a lot to do: travel snippets, technical posts, settling on a proper theme, a proper contact page, networking, understanding the difference between a widget and a gizmo, etc. But for the first time in a few years I feel I have a lifestyle which will allow me to do these things. The last time I had such an ability was in my late-teens/early-twenties and to be honest most of my posts would have been about many bottles of Two-Buck-Chuck can one safely drink while popping Vicodin like Pez (The answer is between 0 and 0.1, but I only learned that after 4).

So welcome to my corner of the Internet. It’s safer here.

PS: I also need to redirect to go to this site. But until then, please don’t click the link I conveniently provided.


One thought on “PSA: Allow me to re-introduce myself

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